Halebop / The Great Gig hunt

The Great Gig hunt

A bit more fun easter eggs from Halebop

Guldnyckeln 2017, Silver, Telecom, IT and energy.
Echo Awards 2017, Nominee, 3 categories.
What do the kids want most of all? Gig of course! Halebop knows that. So, we set up an easter egg hunt out of the ordinary. Across all of Sweden, from the northermost north to the southermost south, there were thousands of geocached bop-eggs loaded with gigabyte.

To take part in The Great Gig Hunt, all the Halebop-customers needed to do was get out with their phones, activate location services and search on the map. More than half the eggs vanished in just a few hours. We had to increase server capacity and the response in social media was amazing! Mind you, this was before you could find as much as single little Pokémon.

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