Volvo Cars / Min Volvo

Volvo Cars / Min Volvo

Everything about your automobile, in the mobile.

Guldnyckeln 2017, Bronze, Customer loyalty.

Because Volvo Cars don’t own their service workshops and dealers, it’s hard to keep track of the customer once the purchase is done. Considering the potential in the aftermarket with service and parts and the possibility to sell another Volvo to the customer when it’s time, an innovative solution was set up; the Min Volvo (My Volvo) platform.

By registering in Min Volvo, you can handle everything about your car in the mobile. Dealerships, workshops, accesories, insurances and services are interconnected in one single, smooth application. You can even connect the car itself to your mobile.

Min Volvo is a service portal that’s constantly developing and improving. I this process, Smicker works close together with Volvo Cars and other partners. Since the launch of Min Volvo, most things have increased steadily. Customer satisfaction, aftermarket sales and the choice of Volvo as next car. All in all, Min Volvo is generating a four digit ROI today.

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