Returning assignment at ECHO Awards finalist jury

This week we have judged the finalists of strategic, creative and innovative data driven marketing. It was inspiring to have deeper look into this years finalists.

Echo Awards is a global competition for data-driven communication and marketing. The winners will be announced on April 16 2021. 

2021 was the 10th year of judging for Pepe & Smicker, this year together with eight co jury members from Sweden.

Johanna Åberg, CMO ATG

Sofia Brandberg, CMO Actic

Mattias Andersson, Partner & Senior Analyst Miltton

Jan Ringsö, CEO Reaktion

Niklas Synning, Creative Director/Copywriter Reaktion

Pepe Larsson, CEO & Head of Strategy Smicker

Amanda Undin, CRM-expert och grundare Customer Clinic

Nicole Kavander, Business Director All of Us

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